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Renewal and Hope

Like the blossoms of spring, we at Congregation Magen Avraham in Omer, are beginning to feel renewal and hope.

After a difficult year, and with many issues related to COVID 19 still ahead of us, we are looking forward to reestablishing the activities of our congregation. 

Our new rabbi, Yosef Baruch Fromer , is beginning to meet with the congregants and renew our traditional congregational activities. Our dedicated staff, which has worked diligently during the crisis despite pay cuts, have been responsible for assuring that the congregation move forward successfully.

At this point, a year since the beginning of the pandemic which has brought with it such uncertainty, we can say with confidence that our congregation has coped well and will continue to thrive.

I take this opportunity to thank our members and our dear friends who have supported us throughout the years and especially during these difficult times. Your support has undoubtedly provided us with the financial stability which has allowed our congregation to continue to function.

Best wishes to all! Happy holidays!


Gal Chaikin,

President of the Congregation Magen Avraham

Gal Chaikin
President of the Magen Avraham Congregation

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