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Just a bit about my background: I grew up in Haifa, the northern capital of Israel, in a mixed Jewish – Arab Neighborhood called "Halisa", to a small happy Greek family.
Both my parents came from Greece, so Greek is my mother tongue. I grew up on Greek food and music. Our synagogue was Sephardic, and my kindergarten was Chabad.
MY parents sent me to study at the Hebrew Reali School, for which I am very grateful.


I served In the IDF for three mandatory years as a tank commander, and then for 20 more years in the reserves. I was in the second Lebanon war (2006) and in the Protective Shield Operation (2003). I developed a deep appreciation for life, which is so precious and fragile, as well as a commitment to peace and to pursuing a meaningful life. 
I studied Computer Science (BSc) and Philosophy (MA) at Haifa University, and have an MBA from the Technion. I also earned an MA in Jewish studies from the Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies.

I worked as a programmer and team leader in a big software corporation, and for a short time, as a founding CEO of a small software cooperative.

I was privileged to take part in leading the 2011 social justice tent protests in Haifa and Northern Israel, restart the 2013 public effort to clean the Haifa Bay area from polluting industries and I helped organize a Haredi Shochatim workers’ union. In 2016 I decided to follow my dream to become a rabbi and enrolled at the Schechter Rabbinical Seminary. While studying there, I spent 2 years as a rabbinical intern at Congregation Magen Avraham.

Coming back here as a young Rabbi feels natural, though I find the post- Corona community somewhat different.

Coming from Greek Romaniot and Sepharadi origins I can appreciate the diversity and richness of the Jewish world and its traditions. I believe that celebrating this diversity in our synagogues and communities is the key for building a more tolerant and healthy Israeli society. The post- Corona move back to communities and social life can be a good opportunity for renewal. I look forward to the challenge.

Meet our new Rabbi

Rabbi Yosef Baruch Fromer

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