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Supporting Lone Soldiers


For the last 2 years Magen Avraham members have been cooking Shabbat meals once every 2 months for lone soldiers from the Michael Levine Lone Soldier Center in Beer-Sheva. 

These lone soldiers -   are new immigrants, foreign volunteers and Israeli born youth estranged from their families and we feel that it is important that they have a wholesome and healthy meal on Friday nights.  Many synagogues and in the area cook for them and in May 2019 Roni the center's coordinator approached us and asked if we could help them too.

Since then we have built a warm relationship with the center and made meals for the soldiers during the outbreak of Covid 19 and on Purim kids participating in our YULA (afterschool program) gift packages for them filled with candy, snacks and basic food staples.

We feel that this is the least we can do for these young men and women who serve the IDF without any support from their family. 

Claire Homans Bouzaglo

Congregation coordinator

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