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Welcome to our congregation!

Magen Avraham is a conservative congregation that is active since 1973.

We hold regular weekend and holiday's prayers, as well as various study groups and community events (like TEDx nights). During the summer, Kabalot Shabat are accompanied musically by "Nagen Avraham" - our local band.
The congregation has a long tradition of volunteering, donating and assisting different communities in the southern Beer Sheva area.
Magen Avraham also has a very successful after school program, a children's summer camp and a very appriciated Bar/Bat Mitsva program.

Our community also has a unique Rabbinical interns program -  quite a few of our own rabbis as well as many other acting congregational rabbis in Israel are graduates of our program.
Out of true love to the Jewish Tradition, and from a deep commitment to the state of Israel, We act as an egalitarian community, an observant Synagogue, and Zionist in our practice. 

We invite you warmly to join us and support the mission of strengthening liberal humanistic Judaism here in southern Israel. 
If you're visiting Israel, you are more than welcome to spend a Shabbat with us. 

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זמני התפילות 

קבלת שבת:  18:00

שחרית של שבת:  9:00 


הכתובת שלנו:

מרגנית 20, עומר

תפילות שבת

לימוד קהילתי בחברותא

מוסיקה בקהילה

היוזמה הבין דתית בנגב

בני ובנות מצווה


בר מצווה לילד המיוחד

פעילות נוער

התנדבות וצדקה

מועדי ישראל

אומנות ויצירה

מסורת וחידוש

השבוע בקהילה

תוכנית בר\ת מצווה

הרשמו לעדכונים

הרשמה ליול"א

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